Pioneer Square Wandering

Saturday we ventured near downtown to buy supplies for a project we're working on. But on the way home traffic got bad and we got hungry so we parked along the water and ended up spending the day wandering around Pioneer Square.

It was one of those great fall days where we trudged through giant leaf piles, spent the afternoon drinking beer and talking in a small pub, stopping through our favorite toy store, and finally getting dinner at Bar Sajor which is an amazing restaurant I've been telling him about for months.

We had super delicious cocktails, pickled beets with thin sliced of beef, local mushrooms, and we ventured into dessert with a tasty apple pie concoction.


On Saturday we'd only planned the store trip but it ended up becoming a day we'd been wanting to do for awhile, we even happened upon the Sounder's game tailgate for some live music and watched them parade to the stadium.

Our friends went and made it even better by calling us up after their day and showing us a really cute new bar where we hung out til midnight and fit in a game of euchre and biked home.

he found what he wants for Christmas

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