A new Place

I've been absent from here for awhile, because I've been uninspired. I haven't cooked any food past rice and veggies in over a month, I haven't  crafted, or gone on many adventures. We've been feeling stuck and a little down to be honest.

But God answers prayers and he has definitely been brewing some things in our life lately. We've wanted a new apartment for awhile and we finally found one and it's in Ballard which is where we really wanted to go. So yay, we're really excited for it.

We loved our place in the U-district, but our friends have since moved away from there, it isn't really feeling like home anymore. We were feeling a little lost and unconnected there. But on Sunday we got to move it all out and into a new apartment that just feels like us and had us inspired and energized. As we were moving in a friend even passed us and said hi, which just made it feel even more right, even more like this place will be home.

Joshua and I are really looking forward to living closer to people and being able to have casual hang outs and impromptu coffee dates because we are closer to them, learning more how to open up our place and share it anytime, and walking to get our favorite pizza (also our favorite brunch place is a 1/4 mile away uh oh!) Moving all our stuff in was exhausting but also felt like a cleansing and like we were shaking off this rut and letting the blessings of life seep into us instead of pass by unnoticed.

So yeah, we're stoked for this new change in life and all that God has started to change in us and put on our hearts as we move through it.

P.S. always have to get move in Chinese take out!

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  1. Hopefully you have a house tour soon! :)