Sandy Bonfires

After the busy weekend we had last week, and riding our bikes to work 4 times last week we were ready for something chill. We planned on just watching movies all night but we've had such a beautiful week in Seattle that our friends decided a bonfire needed to happen.

So instead we got to go sit in a circle around a fire with our toes in the sand drinking beer out of red solo cups while they passed around the guitar. Sometimes life just gives you what you need and that night this was exactly the relaxing warm and fuzzy night we needed to transition into the weekend.

We even got to see phosphorescence for the first time in the waves as they broke on the sand.
(phosphorescence is a lit emitted from some type of bacteria or plant in the water when it is agitated by movement. It looked like glow in the dark quarters in the water, very faint but pretty neat)

Then we spent the rest of the weekend eating lots of food and walking to the little breweries in our new neighborhood and finishing up some cleaning. Alas I'm sad Monday is here- but my awesome friend will be here soon!!!

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  1. I've seen pictures of phosphorescence! That's so cool that you go to see it for real!
    I can't wait for warmer weather with fires and smores :) Not looking forward to the mosquitoes though!