Mom and Sis Visit Pt. 2

Sunday was beautiful! It was such a pleasure to spend Mother's Day with my mom. I feel like she gave me the gift of coming to visit so we tried to pick a hike that she'd really enjoy. We went on a 10 mile hike to Otter Falls in Snoqualmie and had a truly great time.

It was a nice flat hike to avoid the snowline with streams flowing over the paths. Mom dipped her feet in the water accidentally a few times while crossing the rocks but mostly we enjoyed the challenge. The end of the hike had a big waterfall cascading over a huge huge rockface. We found a cozy spot along the brim of its little lake and had lunch.

The sun was out all day and we wandered over to Snoqualmie Falls which we had actually taken my mom and dad to before, but in the rain. So it was fun to see it in the sunshine and for Erika to get to see it.

We hit up a small ice cream/burger place in the little town, man it was popular, and had ice cream swirl cones and French fries- perfect.

Rounded the night out with some beers at a cute brewery Peddler and had some tacos and called it a night.

I think we wore our visitors out  but we truly had a great time squeaking in quality time with these two :) 

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