Birthday Hike!

One of my oldest friends Lauren & her girlfriend Ang came all the way from Ohio to visit this week. This lady has been my pen pal for 12 years, since freshman year of high school when she stayed with my family for a weekend. We exchanged addresses and that was that, now she knows more about me than almost anyone, she has supported me and encouraged me for 12 years. She has believed in me in a way I've felt from very few people and she has always been on my side. We don't email, rarely talk on the phone instead its pages of letters on fluorescent paper, stickers, random doodles and life that we mail back and forth to one another. I'm so grateful for this awesome woman and now she's here for the week! I haven't seen her for at least 6 years in person so it rocks!
Monday we took them on a nice 10 mile hike that included rain, pouring down rain, hail, sunny rain, bright sunshine, cloudy and then it did it all over again! They were awesome and rocked through it anyway- all while complaining about it less than me. :) I loved getting to show them something we love & on my birthday too.

It was a great hike, Goat Lake, for this time of the year with lots of changing scenery in the types of trees and the alpine lake with the snowy mountains was quite beautiful. It was also fun because there is an upper and lower trail so you can take the lower along the water one way and the higher route the other for views of the mountains.


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