Cincy Time Christmas

This time we spent in Cincy over Christmas and New Years was our favorite yet. We didn't care that it wasn't our bed, that we were re-wearing the same shirts, or that we were in a house with 6 people. It was an amazing time this go around. It's the first time we truly didn't want any reason to leave, not working did have a play in that.
I love spending time with giant gobs of family all smashed in small houses with cousins wrestling. I love the family that we've been blessed with and I love getting to share it.

We did a late Christmas and kicked off stocking with a mimosa cheers. I love how excited we still get to hand out our gifts and wait in anticipation as they open it. I love that we each still get a stocking sugar cookie with our name on it. This year we just loved it all. It seemed less busy than other visits and a little more spur of the moment which felt more real and less calculated. Plus we have a lot of amazing family and friends in our life and it was a blessing to spend time, a lot or a little, with them all.

the boys are wrestling around the corner and the rest are
in the basement with the beer and the skyline dip

we all barely fit in this room anymore

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