Cheesemaking Adventurers

I bought us a DIY cheese kit about 6 months ago (because it was on super sale of course) and we finally got around to making some. It's similar to this one. We decided to start out with mozzarella and next we have big plans to make ricotta and use my pasta maker to make homemade lasagna noodles mmm. We had a really great time trying to figure out what we were doing. In the end it's not the best texture, a little too tough, but we think it's because we used 1% milk instead of whole and then brought the temperature up a little too high. But since we have 9 more cheeses of supplies left we plan to mold our skills into pro cheese making.
got to buy the fancy milk

rigged a thermometer holder and look it's forming curds

cheese curds!

tip toes because we over estimated the size pot needed

cheese salt and molds

we wanted to make one with herbs and a little spice

stretching and mixing the cheese
heart molds :)

mmm look at that cheese
we're pretty proud
A winter type date night that melded perfectly with our Sunday. The best part is it only takes an hour and then the cheese is best if eaten fresh, no arguments here!

the mess after a full day of beer and cheese making

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