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This year some of us headed down to fountain square to ice skate. I miss ice skating. On my co-ops Joshua and I used to go ice skating every winter, but downtown Seattle's ice rink is covered and not that great. All 5 of us did wonderfully, we didn't fall, and we all practiced our spinning. I think my mom held out on us as kids though so she could be better than us at ice skating- that lady can skate and twirl and go backwards! Plus people watching at an ice skating rink is always the best.

the pro

photo from Allison
 We also met up with a group of friends for brunch one day and transitioned to the park where more joined in. There were 8 adults to 1 child and we outlasted everyone else at the park. Joshua was particularly into the slides and crawling through tunnels with Riah, but he was the happiest when he got to push him in a swing. Kids swinging is the cutest!

We also convinced Erika & Colton to go rock climbing with us.
It was actually a really really fun time.

Also we got grab dinner with Mallorie & I's college roommate & friend. We had a ton of pizza and capped of the night with a boys vs. girls darts game. Yes the boys won, but only by 2 bulls eyes. Mallorie the girl teams champion thrower. We finished off the night Joshua & I having a slumber party at Mall & Tim's place and played this pretty sweet game called Munchkin. Tim made us pancakes in the morning!

Our friend Katy had a thank you brunch at Rhinegeist and conveniently for us a bunch of our friends were invited too. It was really nice to be surrounded by people we'd know for years. Some of them we hadn't seen for years so it lovely to chat with all of them. We even got to see the guy that married us :)

Lastly we got to spend some time with some college friends on New Year's Eve. We had an awesome dinner that Genna made and then headed out and drank punch bowl drinks out of teacups (a new bar in Cincy) Then we took the world's most expensive, but worth it, uber ride back to their place and drove thru Steak and Shake to ring in the new year. Love these people!

I really liked that this time we didn't lounge around at my parent's house as much. One night we played a great game called Munchkin with everyone, we grabbed a lot more brunches with friends, drove through some pretty lights with Joshua's mom, met our friend's new baby, and much more :) And again it was the hardest to leave this time, how do all these people just keep getting more awesome! We love having them in our lives and love that they are willing to make time for us when we come home!

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