Star Wars Ewok Celebration Cake

One of our lovely friends Liz was having a Star Wars themed birthday party (YES!) and I was honored to get to make her a cake. I asked what scene she loved most in the movies and she replied the Ewoks, so I made an Ewok Celebration cake and it's just so darn adorable!
I love making cakes and figuring out how to bring something in my mind to life in icing and edibles, but sometimes you just don't have the time and that's how this cake came to be. I pulled images from the internet of an Ewok and AT-ST Walkers and then edited and drew them up in poses in Illustrator and had them laser cut out at work. I used sanding, films, coloring to make their look fit my fancy, and most importantly I remembered to add portion to stick in the cake so they'd stay standing. I'm in love with the little Ewok faces.

I've been saving the chocolate, matcha tea, and hazelnut chocolate pocky since we got it in Cincinnati from Jungle Jim's for about 6 months. I wanted to surround a cake with them so badly and this worked perfectly to create a foresty feeling for the Ewoks, plus her favorite color is green. I love the texture it adds and whimsy of it all.
Inside it's my favorite chai chocolate cake with a nutella frosting covered in almond buttercream, 3 layers tall.

Her party was fabulous and included a Dark n' Stormy-Trooper, games, decals and a drinking game to The Empire Strikes Back, such as drink when Luke whines (uh oh) It was lovely and fun to get to celebrate Liz with everyone!

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  1. That's amazing. If hell ever freezes over and I get married I'm hiring you to make my cake :)