Date Night Redo

 This last Friday we had reservations at a nice place and got dressed up to start with drinks and yam fries at another place while waiting. We never made it to the fancy restaurant though because instead we ended up fighting the entire night and eating a piece of pizza for dinner. We weren't being nice to each other even a little bit. Eventually as the night wore on we made up and talked through it all. Woke up in the middle of the night and talked through it some more and woke up the next day to the versions of ourselves we actually do like. But our first purposeful date night in awhile sucked...

So on Saturday we spontaneously ended up on another one. We split a burger, played tons of skeeball (don't worry I kicked his butt at it), tried a "left shark shot" (from the Katy Perry halftime show (we thought it sounded fun)- they were very disgusting!) I'm glad we were able to give it another shot. I'm sad we ruined the first one but I love that we went out again and had a really fun night. It was what we had craved and makes me love our relationship a little more. Shooting for getting it right on our first shot the next time ;)


Also we went back to the place we started our fight at for brunch because a place that serves the best chicken and waffles needs redemption!

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