Mario Kart Supersized

This past weekend we went out to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday party and race (I think they're called) go karts. I decided to just watch, I've never enjoyed driving. It was fun to watch them run into each other and get stuck. Joshua spun out a few times and took out a bunch of people. The last race was serious business though, a banana trophy was at stake. Awesomely the birthday boy won! There's something I love about hanging outside when it's chilly.
Then we headed to a bar to have some amazing nachos and pitchers and then we met up later and biked over to another bar where arm wrestling ensued as well as many many orders of tater tots. Oh these tater tots were addicting!

On Sunday we headed to a bar to meet up with some friends to watch the Superbowl. I wore the only Seahawks gear I own - socks that I won at the Christmas white elephant gift exchange. Can't lie we were mostly there for the Katy Perry halftime show which we shamelessly sang and danced to. We ended up having a great time and since our friend's had gotten there at 11 they had seats we got to all share. And then that last play happened and it all went downhill, so we took our Seattle native friend out for another beer and pizza.

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