Sintra Day Trip

Sintra is only a short train ride from Lisbon so after being out until 4ish am we woke up around 9 and headed out. Forgoing the bus we walked a mile or so up some winding roads into the Moorish Castle. Since it was early it was fun to run along the top and climb all the little nooks alone. The sun was out in full force and the views back to the Atlantic ocean and countryside were really welcome after being inside big cites the last few days. They have a little café that we ate mozzarella & tomato sandwiches at while looking back up at the castle walls.
Next we took a path along the hillside that wound through a lush forest and spring flowers tucked into big rock faces. It ended at Pena Palace which is all candy colored goodness. The palace is full of whimsy and color and happiness. The tilework and things like carved stone coral made this stop a lot of fun. The way the views were framed with attention, gah, we hung out here for awhile

Then we went home an took a well deserved nap :)
Next we took a train, then a bus, then a car down to Tarifa, Spain.

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