Lisbon Rocks!


Our train ride from Porto brought us into the most beautiful train station, I won't force all the photos I took of the place upon you. Lisbon was really exciting for us because Joshua had been here a few times on his stints working in Evora, Portugal. It was fun to let go and have him know how to get places where to go and what wasn't worth the visit. Also we stayed at a hostel he had stayed at. I've never had a real hostel experience and he promised me one- and nailed it, more on that later.

After we roamed around and did shots of cherry liquor out of chocolate cups on the main square (legal to drink on the streets) we woke up and went to the Sao Jorge castle that stands above the city. You can wander it's outer walls, no railings, and stand in the overlooks and lean out the arrow shooting holes, technical term. The grounds were really beautiful with old tangled trees and roaming peacocks.

Next we headed back into the city and up a tower to get a look back up to the castle. Then we went into an old cathedral that had been victim to fire and earthquake but instead of restoring it they left its bones bare and turned it into an open air ancient ruins museum.

But oh those Lisbon nights, we always took a nap before dinner to gear up. Our hostel had two lovely people from the UK + Porto make us dinner with 6 other comrades of the hostel. We had a crowd of people from Madagascar, Netherlands, UK, Portugal + Spain, very luckily for us they all spoke English. Our UK cooks took us out for the night where we were handed light beers and fluorescent colored shots (they were very weak, promise :) We started a dance party at his DJ friends club, drank beers outside in the streets and ended the night with some live music and hitting bed around 4:30am. Honestly in no way could I have wished for a better group of people to spend a few days with. Hanging out with all of them made Lisbon our favorite stop.

To add to it the next night we were at a very cool market for dinner where we ran into a hostel mate and went to grab a drink with her after. Then we were headed back home when we ran into some people from our hostel out for the night and they swept us up and we did it all again the next night.

photo from one by our new friends

We also did a day trip to Sintra while in Lisbon...

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