Seattle lately

Lately life has felt normal. As in we've celebrated friend's birthdays, biked all over Seattle, met friends for free tater tot Tuesday and played games, biked to a friends ordered pizza made a frozen cookie dough run and played games, lots of biking to work, walked to the bars in our neighborhood and eaten dinner with a beer on a picnic table, met up with some college friends visiting for a sushi picnic, spending a week in Vancouver, BC for work, dinner and walking date with a friend...

Nothing fancy but also not nothing. Seattle doesn't feel like a crazy new city where everything is new and every corner is something we haven't experienced. It feels like a place, most of the time, where we are comfortable. A place we spontaneously meet up with people and know where to go on a Thursday to grab a beer with no line. A place we don't have to look up directions for every time we want to wander.


It has been almost 4 years in Seattle for us, 4 years!
Seattle has no timeline or certainty for us but it does feel like something we can be comfortable in our day to day life in. Experiences we used to photograph seem silly to do so now because it's just life at this point. It's nice, it's just nice ya know!
(very boring posts though :)

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  1. I can't believe you two have been there for almost 4 years now!!!