Trail Forgers!

Saturday we headed out about 3 hours outside of Seattle. We like driving together, opening the windows, reading Harry Potter (currently on year 4, I know you were wondering), splitting a frappuccino and just having space and time to talk. Bonus the end of it has mountains. Joshua spent awhile looking for hikes and came up with this one, apparently it is not called Miner's Ridge but the creek is called Miner's Creek = we never found the right hike.
We think we found a trailhead, a post in the ground, and started hiking. Very quickly we realized we couldn't see any kind of trail, so we pulled out google maps saw the topography ended with a little ridge and just started forging our own trail. The beginning portion is a lot of downed trees so we played "floor is lava" for about half a mile. I made it about 15 minutes without touching the ground, so so much fun!

 Eventually we popped onto the ridge and got some pretty views, the day was really warm and clear. We think this was a hike just not a maintained trail but since we were only walking up we couldn't get lost so it was very enjoyable to meander through all the trees and hop log to log and not really know what our view would be.

 Also Richard got to get nice and dirty on a long road :)

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