Enchantments Pt. 2

After our break we walked between a few of the lakes with names like Tranquility & Perfection.(they could've done better) A few of the descent areas were covered in snow and quite steep so a few people were butt sliding down the hill. We decided to zig zag down with our axes which worked fine and saved us from being cold from the waist down all day. Hopping over rocks, finding lookouts, eating dehydrated fruit (I made it) and reading Harry Potter on a sunny rock all made for a spectacular afternoon.

 Once we had descended a few steep snowy areas we were down among the lakes watching the sun make the mountaintops glow and the ice luminescent around it's small pools of unfrozen water. I haven't mentioned one of my favorite parts though, the mountain goats. There are quite a few of them all over. You'll turn a corner or peak around a rock and bam goat starring right at ya. They didn't mind us at all and mostly looked at you and went back to licking something. The two cuties below were kids and were bleating like crazy which was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen, resisting snuggling was torture.

 After about 11 miles of wandering around the core enchantments and all the lakes we started the rocky, hard on your knees, makes all your muscles mad descent down to Snow Lake & eventually Nada Lake where we camped for the night. Long fast waterfalls snaked down the rocks beside us. Eventually we hit a gradual grade in the trail and found a camping spot and sunny rock to dry our shoes out on, no luck they were to far gone very very wet shoes.

Step 1 of descent get to that lake all the way down there.

Step 2 Nada Lake then get down to that one

We are both so glad we went, there weren't too many people and the weather was on our side we had views for miles. Mostly words won't describe it so I'll stop trying. We finished the 18 mile hike and Joshua hitchhiked multiple rides back to the other trailhead we started at & we were finished.

The Monday off was well spent hiking back out from Nada lake that morning, getting pizza & beer, eating milkshakes for dinner, laying on the couch trying to convince the other one it was their turn to get up, and hubs putting candles in cookies for me at midnight to blow out for my birthday. Sometimes a weekend is only full of the good feelings, this was one of those :)

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  1. I absolutely love all these pictures! The blue of that melted water is absolutely stunning!