Joshua messaged me the other day saying he's getting us tickets to an acoustic show that night. I love when that happens, we just have a free night and one of us comes up with something fun to go do together randomly. I pulled up my end by grabbing sushi on the way home, which we ate at our favorite brewery nearby and then walked over to the show. Trampled by Turtles front man was playing and it was the perfect weeknight show.

Then the next weekend Jamestown Revival was playing, currently my favorite band. Joshua snagged tickets and we headed to the u-district. Since we used to live there it was fun to go back and reminisce. We ate at our favorite thai place, drank $4 margaritas at Flowers and headed to the Neptune. It was shocking that Jamestown Revival wasn't the headliner because they were spectacular! Sound better in person, I love the awkward dance moves & giant hats, only makes us want to be cowboys even more. So many people there had cowboy hats, I may have to get one of those on Joshua. The headliner was okay so we mostly people watched and chatted, then we bused back home in the rain.  

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