Flohio - Ohio

After Florida we road tripped it back to Cincinnati for a quick sleep and then drove to Indiana. We spent the night there with our friends and their new baby & toddler. We hung out at a cute industrial brewery and played games and it was fabulous.
The next night we had plans to go biking with my sister & brother-in-law but the rain nixed that. Instead we had dinner at Taft's ale house and passed around sips of beer tastings. Rounded out the night with the 4 of us trying to remember how to play rummy, I think we made up most of the rules.
Josh was the best man for his friend's wedding so he was pretty excited to get to do the bachelor party. They cut a chunk out of a giant tree and played this game that was introduced to us called hammershlagen. It involves nails, hammers, beer & the winner gets a shot of a German apple liquor. It does not involve wild swinging and no one was hurt, I promise it's pretty mellow.

We grabbed chick-fil-a and strolled around Winton Woods in the sunshine with Josh's mom. Charley Harper's art seems to be getting more popular, but I like to be obnoxious and point out he's from Cincinnati.

We spent a night out with some college friends eating good food and playing at a barcade where all the games are free. Free! We also had a few rounds of Smash Brothers and Mario Kart.

Then it was wedding time. We had a great time, a lot of our friends were there & my sister. We danced, judged the DJ's music choices, put them up on chairs, and ended the night in a circle screaming Journey while the groom air guitared to the bride. We also pit stopped at Waffle House on the way home in which the staff was all dressed up and for the first time that night I remembered it was also Halloween.

I miss it every time we leave but love that the next time is only a few months away!

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  1. Your dress is so cute! I want to visit you guys sometime soon! You go on so many fun adventures!