Flohio Trip - Florida

We've never really done a beach vacation. So I was hesitant about the Destin, Florida wedding we flew to. As soon as we landed though and the air was warm I was a convert. We shared a hotel room with my whole family that opened up to a pool and hot tub area. The beach was walking distance and the hotel had multiple pool areas, one included a grotto swim up bar. I haven't gotten to spend that much uninterrupted time with my family in years. We didn't argue because no one else had anything to do or anywhere to go. We jumped in the ocean waves, played beach volleyball, and ate tacos. It really felt like bliss to be with all of them just having fun.

photo by madre
And then it got even better because the family friends we've been camping buddies with for years were also there! I loved being able to share that part of my life and those people with Joshua too. Of course he thought they were all awesome as well. For the first time since we'd been together we were all 21 so to celebrate Brian's wedding we all went out one night. I loved getting to see these people in their own adult lives, it makes me miss them even more though. They all turned out so awesome!

photo by madre

photo by madre
photo by madre
the oldies of the group

The wedding was fun and outside and warm. The bar was free and they had fabulous food. Therefore, we had a great time and danced whenever the dj wasn't playing jock jams or shout. After the wedding we grabbed whoever still had energy and shared nachos, drank a margarita, and shot pool before we all parted. Missed those who couldn't make it but I loved sharing this time with these people.

& they had endless glowsticks so that's always awesome!

Up next road trip back to Cincy!

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  1. I'm not a beach person either but once in a while it's nice!