Celebrating a Golden Birthday

This past weekend we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our friend Liz's Golden birthday.
While Cheesecake factory is a very strange choice we both, being from the Midwest, seem to get gift cards there every Christmas. We have been stockpiling them and decided to blow it all going out to dinner for her birthday!

Josh managed to get his reflection spot on in this one.

We had bottles of wine, 3 appetizers, steak, cheesecake with bubbly. We somehow managed to spend 3 hours there slowly working our way through the gift cards. It was delightful!

we got to pose with the gifts we brought :)


  1. It's hard to have any complaints about this place. It's easy to get a drink since they actually keep enough bartenders working at once, and you'll almost always find a place to sit. I love the vibe, the area, the people and the food at venues in Los Angeles.

  2. I have never been to Cheesecake Factory!