Cabin Escape

Joshua really wanted an escape from work, and truthfully all life responsibilities, so he booked us this awesome cabin in Sequim. The couple built it and it was amazingly nestled in a forest of tall trees with a wood burning stove for heat, a cute outdoor patio kitchen, an outdoor shower, and an earth oven which I was very excited about. We thought we'd go into town for dinner one night but all we wanted to do was head back to the cozy cabin and sit in front of the wood burning stove. It was such a great escape to get away and not really have any plans and no one to need anything from us.

I was deeply ecstatic about the earth oven. Watching multiple videos on how to do it well and researching dough recipes. We ended up making pizzas that tasted just as good as all those fancy restaurants. Turns out their secret is a wood burning fire. I was really nervous and babysat my fire for 2 hours while Joshua played guitar and we drank coffee and beer and ate cookie dough. Then I finally moved the fire to the side and tossed them in. At first nothing, then the cheese began to bubble and the dough puckered and charred. We were both so enthralled!

Some how we also managed to leave the cabin and seek out a little adventure, which is next.

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  1. That pizza looked so good and that cabin is so cute! I love cabins!