Olympic Peninsula Adventuring

When we did leave the cabin we headed out to Neah Bay. Neah Bay is just about the most NW point of the state of Washington. It was a pretty bleak day but it made for some good waves and the green of all the vegetation popped.

The coast is so beautiful. Small rock islands just dramatically from the waves, your eyes can follow the recess of waves into caves they've beaten in, trees teeter on the edges proudly sprouting their pine branches. It's serene to be along the Washington coast. When you can manage to be there without other people and just exist with it, well it's just really great.

After that we read Harry Potter, just finished the 6th book!, and drove to Rialto Beach. I love this beach, but the weather was just not cooperating with us. We rambled amongst the logs and sand for a bit but eventually  the wind and rain won out and we retreated. I do love the color the worn in logs turn when they're wet though.

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  1. Wow! That view is amazing! I love visiting the Pacific Ocean because I love how rocks just stick out of the water like that. I also like your sweater!