Mile High Hiking Club

Grabbed a good weekend of car camping, river dipping and intense hiking with a group of Joshua's coworkers a few weekends ago. We headed out to Darrington and had some great camping sites. Kicked the weekend off right on Friday night with beers, fires, and a random assortment of chips. The next morning the rest of the group rolled in and we headed out to hike Painted (Red) Mountain. It isn't a well known hike so we actually had the entire thing to ourselves.

I almost hesitate to call it a trail as it was mostly as slog straight up for miles through a forest but there were kind of more used looking parts to the slog than others.  The hike is about 4 miles long total but over 1 mile of vertical elevation gain, so around 35% slope for most of the hike. Everyone was such troopers though and we all stuck with it and it was really beautiful. Glacier peak was so close and there was a beautiful alpine lake and a grueling for your knees hike down. At the end of the day we dumped our sweaty selves into the river nearby and made salmon and tons of veggies for dinner.

The next morning, sadly 2 left to go to urgent care for an arm injury, we made sausages and blueberry pies for breakfast. The sun was out and poppin so we headed to the river to jump in and play some Jerk The Gherkin (game invented on this hike) Got burgers and shakes at the local Burger Barn and headed home with tired legs and my skin a slightly darker shade of super pale.

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  1. I love reading your blog because I learn new words, like "slog." :)

    Are your friends okay?