Waterfall Rock Slide

A few Sundays ago we headed out to the woods with a little group of friends. Joshua and I didn't expect much, we had a small kid in our group, it was already 1pm. Turned out to be a lot of fun and a great spot to add to our list. The hike is about 4 miles total and starts with you walking under an overpass which has a beautiful contrast to the trees and woods. There are wood bridges and creeks along the way. We also found a TON of wild blueberries.

We popped out onto a huge rock that had water running down it in little pools. People were splashing in them and we soaked our feet for a bit. Continuing on the view opened up to some great overlooks and a waterfall that you normally would have to put in a whole lot more elevation gain to see.

The as we walked down the layered rock and checked out all the waterfalls our friend showed us the rock water slide! It's a short little smooth slide in the rock that dumps you into a pool of clear blue ice water. We all got in on the slide action before the last of the sun ducked behind the trees.

We ended the night, as we seem to most weekends, at a small burger shack where I finally got my first soft serve ice cream of the summer. It started out almost the size of my face, I finished it all.

photo by Liz

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  1. You are seriously torturing me with all your amazing posts. That natural water slide looks awesome! I love that you finished that ice cream cone. I would have too! :)