Parents Hiking Adventure Pt. 1

Pushing through a broken clavicle and back issues my parents made it to Seattle. They are troopers and true mountain fans as they still pushed to go hiking and we just switched from campsites to a little cabin. The cabin was delightful, it came with fresh eggs, veggies, and a hot tub.
It was a hazy day but since we got an early start we were able to see the top of Mt. Shuksan for a bit. The overcast day though did punch up all the colors around us. We took the Chain Lakes loop and started out at the lower elevation. Forgot the names of the lakes but I made up a few, Spicy Lizard lake, and I think they believed me. Our adventure group started the climb, pit stopped to eat handfuls of wild huckleberries and blueberries and to get a picture in the snow. My parent's were troopers, being on the injured list for awhile, they both did a great job with the hike and really enjoyed it.

Eventually we did end up totally socked in by fog. Sadly this meant the couldn't see Mt. Baker and the surrounding view but the fog was quite cool on its own. It did lift a bit once we finished hiking and we drove back up to Artist's Point so they could see it a bit. We've wanted to share the Baker wilderness with them for awhile so Joshua and I were really excited we had a chance to take them here.

We ended the expedition by putting the parents to work. The wild berries were abundant and I convinced them to pick berries for over an hour. I think I made up for it by later making them huckleberry toaster strudels. :)

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  1. Wow! That's beautiful! And kudos to your parents for still being able to hike!