Lil Sis Visits

My little sister Erika was here last weekend for a visit, we also had pouring down rain due to a typhoon. Of course the coincided, so while our backpacking plans were ousted we still had a very lovely time. She showed up at my office and we matched, many of my coworkers were like what is happening and why do you two match & look alike.

 We hopped around to bars, played quite a bit of pool, brunch and ate out at some of our favorite places. A lot of our friends were around too so we got to show her off to them all.

Satruday we found a putt putt place for a bit of indoor fun, hit up a taco truck, then headed to an arcade. We jumped around to a lot of different places, took the buses, and ignored the rain by all wearing hats all weekend. Wish I had a photo of us all in hats, we were adorable.

That night we headed to dinner and brought along some Rummikub. Meandered over to a bar to meet up with some friends. To note - Erika is awful! at pool. But that game that night she sunk over half her teams balls and actually hit the 8 ball where she meant to!

Not to be underestimated were the slow lazy mornings with huckleberry strudels and coffee she kindly brought us from Lousiville, KY. We did manage to sneak in some outdoor time at an apple orchard, up next.

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  1. Aww. So cute! I didn't know the west coast got typhoons.
    I love how she matches Josh in the later pictures. :)