4 Days 3 Nights Pt. 1

Last weekend we finally had a chance to redo our Pilot Ridge 30 mile loop. We took Friday and Monday off work so we could take time to explore on some side trips and work in 3 nights out in the woods, which we haven't done before. Friday morning we lounged around and at huckleberry strudels and eventually hit the trail around 3pm. We planned on going 8 miles in but it got dark pretty fast because of the cloud cover so we ended up finding a small patch of dirt off next to the trail exactly the size of our tent. We don't love sleeping next to huckleberry fields on trails alone (bears) so we played podcasts and audiobooks all night to soothe ourselves. Up early the next morning to eat some oatmeal with huckleberries and then finished our hike to White Pass.

We set up our tent with a few other groups at White pass and then went on a side hike, Foam Creek Trail. No one else was on the trail with us so we saw a TON of marmots, they were gutsy. The clouds were ebbing in and out of all our views but when we got to the pass they started breaking up and peaking fun views of Glacier until it was finally all visible.

We found enough dry wood to have a fire that night and watched the sun set over some mountains behind us. Of course we also read Harry Potter. Joshua is to cheap to go buy a paperback version so we're still hauling around Book 7!!! in our packs, mostly worth it.


  1. I had to look up what a marmot is. Isn't it just a groundhog? Do only some places have bears? I feel like I'd always be afraid of bears while camping.

    1. They are of the same ground squirrel family but are a little different. The popular hiking areas usually don't get bears