Apple Orchard Digging

The troopers sucked it up and got wet helping me get apple to make my yearly batch of apple butter. The Skipley Farm we ended up at was run by the most passionate, knowledgeable apple man ever. Sadly though the apple harvest was pretty early this year and we were late. He said there were still a bunch of good apples they were just already on the ground. So we went digging for apples in the tall grass and came away with 40 lbs of great perfectly ripe apples in tons of varieties. We called it an apple scavenger hunt. Sometimes you picked one up and it had a bit out of it, a spider in it, or maggot holes but when you found one with no punctures and not rotting it was quite exciting.

Also they had baby goats, better yet baby goats that wanted to be pet. They had managed to break their way into a pumpkin and the girl was into smearing her pumpkin face into you. We had a lovely, mostly rain free, jaunt through the orchard. It was really nice to get outside into the open air and be free of groups of people for an afternoon.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I want some apple butter! :)