Apocalyptic Laser Mini Golf

It was our friend Scott's Birthday last week and he invited us all to play Smash putt. What is Smash putt? There are no words!

It is putt-putt for adults that is set up in an abandoned post office complete with a bar whose taps are in a cooler. It has holes such as giant skeeball (Joshua and I both got a hole in one on this one! Each hole has a par but they seemed pretty made up. Parts moved, some holes involved power tools that damage your ball, one added a stroke to your score every time you pushed a button on someone but it switched the hole so you did it anyways, some involved lasers that set off an alarm if you ran into them, some had the floor moving up and down and one even involved a scratch and sniff element.
We had a fabulous time!

you had to control the car with a remote and
try to get it to come out the exhaust pipe

fooseball men that actually moved,
we all struggled these men were sneaky

scratch and sniff, and yes they actually smelled different

hula hoop break
What's behind us hula hooping is a cage where you can use an air pressured gun to shoot golf balls at things dangling inside! Loud & Amazing!

the lasers! we may have been mean and set them off
on each other
We rounded the night off with thai food and regular sized fooseball with some scotch, Scott's favorite. Strange but an insane amount of fun!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Thai food! I'd love some pad thai right now!