All the yellow flowers

Over Memorial Day weekend we snuck off to the mountains. We headed east toward Wenatchee and backpacked near the Dead Horse lake. Joshua found this hike and it didn't seem many people backpacked it, he was right! We had the whole ridge to ourselves that night.

He found the hike because he was searching for the ever elusive yellow flowers we love. They are in dryer areas, only around for about 3 weeks, and it's never the same 3 weeks. I'm so so glad he found this hike. It was absolutely bursting with flowers. There were yellow, purple, white, other yellow, red. The hike was very mild and only steep toward the very end so we took a long time winding up and ogling the landscape. Joshua kept taking photos of the flowers and James and I were teasing him : portrait of flowers #53, and I'll call this one portrait of flowers #54. But I couldn't blame him they were so magnificent.

We got up to the ridge pretty early in the day so we laid around in the sun, took more flower photos, snacked, waited until magic hour and took more flower photos. Finally at sunset we watched the colors fly over the sky and fade behind the mountains. We made a nice fire and had dinner. That night it was also very warm out so we could sleep in our tent without the rainfly. This meant that we could stare up from our sleeping mats at the stars all night.

The next day we slowly meandered down from the ridge and I had them helping me pick spruce tips. I later turned them into spruce tip ice cream :) Love foraging and free stuff!

Then we headed back to Ballard, had pizza on the dock with friends, headed up to another friends to drink wine and sit in the hot tub. Woohoo 3 day weekends that are hot and full of sunshine!

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  1. I love the pictures of their silhouettes! I feel like every time I take dark pictures they always come out blurry!