Mt. Rainier

So I went on and on about how pretty it was to hike on Mt. Rainier. Then we got up there and the whole thing still looked like this
So apparently the snow hasn't melted. Which then means we played in the snow and attempted to hike up it anyways. I had to wring my socks out when we were done.

I love that my husband is always willing to be completely goofy with me. He doesn't think I'm childish he just thinks I'm fun. Which means we get to do things like build a mini snowman and name him Jerod

Then we drove farther down the mountain and actually went on a hike, until we couldn't tell where the trail went anymore.

Overall it was fantastic. We love having stuff like this only 2 hours away. One of our friends, Alex Young, bought us a national park pass for our wedding. It is one of the most thoughtful gift and we're so excited about using it again to go to the Olympic and Cascades.

Happy Monday!

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