Smith Rock climbing

Finally in Bend we headed for Smith Rock to get in a few climbs before dinner. Joshua and I really wanted to do the 5 gallon buckets climb while no one was around, a really popular climb. The holds are extremely fun. You climb into these large holes in the side of the rock and can even get your whole arm through some of the holes. Both of us got a chance to lead climb this one.

The next day Joshua was on fire and did a bunch of lead climbs. I was feeling a little timid and decided to work on cleaning/repelling instead. We let our friends put up some good hard 5.10 routes that we got to top rope. I was really excited by how well we climbed these.

The weather was not as fabulous as last year. It was chilly and we had a crazy wind storm on Friday. The others took that day off but we headed into the crag to do a few simple climbs since we were leaving that afternoon. Finally  being self reliant enough to put up the climbs and use all our own gear was really satisfying.

Rex the team mascot

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  1. I really like the first photo. It looks beautiful there. I also like your shirt in the second photo!