Gingerbread Houses.2

Every year we make one- this is #3
Our small group got together to put the gingerbread together- we made a giant mess, had a few cave in roofs, ate too many of the ingredients, and laughed A LOT

Can't beat it! Love community!!!

All the merry gingerbread house makers!

so much sugar!

The awesome woman that let us get sugar all over her house

Cassidy is the Quality control on this team

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I'm pretty sure this is when she accidentally called him a nickname that we all then used all night

we decided we'd actually like to live in Carrie's

This sweet unassuming house became a prison... boys

Super cute duo

a house that actually had some order

gorgeous photo of Carrie

I think Josh was teasing his prison

happy house

this house had icicles, hot tub & an igloo!

Yes the green licorice is barbed wire

I accidentally dumped sugar all over the top- we turned it into snow

Hobbit door

prison with a basketball court

the prison had a tree warden even!
Hope everyone has had fun doing Christmasy things and hanging out with people you love!

How to make the pieces in Gingerbread Houses.1

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  1. This looks so fun! I love community as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Très bien