Pumpkin Beerfest

This past weekend's forecast looked gloomy but we got lucky and were blessed with some sunshine at least for a few hours everyday. Saturday afternoon hubs and I went to a Pumpkin Beerfest, biggest on in the country. They had over 60!!!! types of pumpkin beer. And they all had pretty awesome names such as- Hefepumps and Woozles(inspired from Winnie the Pooh), Pumpkin Smumpkin, Boo Radley, and many more involving the word pumpkin or gourd. Plus the glasses had jack-o-lantern faces on them, so I was on a quest to find the most orange one to put in it.

They also brewed one special beer in a pumpkin and they tapped it at the festival and then poured it all around for free! Nice! We met up with a few guys from Josh's work and they knew a lot of the brewers there so it was fun to meet the people that brewed the beer.

After our 6 samples though I must say I was pumpkin beered out :)

We grabbed pizza for dinner settled in for the night and then got a call at 9:10 asking if we wanted to see a movie at 9:30 about a bicycle messanger riding a fixie trying to deliver a package with a NYC cop chasing him, the cop was corrupt. Of course we went! It was actually a suprisingly good movie. And finished the night off at Chuck's Hop Shop with our movie friends.

With all the craziness and trips and visitors this September it was really great to have a weekend in Seattle where we Seattle felt welcoming and normal.
We even took a walk around Greenlake after church with some friends chatting and soaking up the little bit of Sunday's sunshine. We felt so blessed and loved this weekend. Feeling normal and social in the place you live is so hard sometimes that we're so thankful when it happens.

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