Taking on Rock Climbing

Joshua and I bought rock climbing shoes while my parents were visiting awhile back. We've used them once, but now that it's rainy season we're excited to have more of a reason to head to the climbing gym.
We went on Sunday night after dinner and got reaquainted with how to do it and what our ability was. I think Joshua's height is cheating, but he did way better than I did.

What I've been suprised about is that it kind of scares me, heights don't bother me and they have fluffy mats you'd fall on, but I've hurt my back and neck a few times and I think that's the fear that grips me.
It was fun to have Joshua there coaching me on and supporting me through it when I'd freeze and just encouraging me even when I stopped half way up. Looking forward to getting stronger and possibly, dare I say, aquire some arm muscles. (I know I laughed too)

We can't wait to spend more nights there, here they are open until 11pm! it's such a fun way to pull ourselves out of a rut and get up and do something (especially on a rainy day) that is centered around the climbing and exersize but also facilitates conversation and even teamwork. Plus who doesn't feel cool laying around on mats looking all pro in your own shoes :)

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  1. that looks like so much fun!

    id love to have you stop by and enter my link up party with your most viewed post!

    see you there:)