Yellow Aster Butte Hike!

This weekend was a funny one for us because Joshua and I were convinced his mom was coming out to visit this past weekend. We had cleaned decided all our plans, and Wed morning we discussed picking her up from the airport. Until, he calls me Wed. afternoon saying never mind she comes next weekend haha. So it kind of felt like we were given a free weekend & we took full advantage!

Friday night we met at a little Italian restaurant by home and ate delicious food while a piano player was playing live and singing. The best part was he took requests and Joshua got him to sing Jesus, Etc by Wilco (he had never heard of it before) and he rocked it!

We've been wanting to go on a hike by ourselves all summer so we jumped on the opportunity Saturday and got up at 6am! and drove up to Mt. Baker, then up a gravel road 1 lane road, with no guardrail, where we put the truck in 4x4 (kind of scary). But then the hike was breathtaking! Absolutely beyond words, the best hike we've ever gone on. There were mountains layered in every direction (we actually checked, every direction), little lakes (one was covered in ice and we walked on it), but the hiking was intense.

these are the stats of the hike:
distance: 7.5 miles (but then there are a bunch of little trails to the lakes and such that we hiked)
elevation gain: 2500 ft!!! some parts seemed like you were hiking straight up
highest point: 6150 ft

yum homeade apple butter and bread lunch overlooking the mountains

standing on the ice

It was so hard to hike down from this beautiful place!
But we had to because we met up with 4 friends and played thunderstone :)
At first we tried to hang out at a place called AFK (which apparently means away from keyboard)
which is a nerdy gaming restaurant/bar but it was full of people (mostly dressed up)
so we went to a brewery, spread out on their largest table and played for about 3 hours
It was a long day but also a really great full day
So much beauty and exersize and fresh air and a perfect ending with sharing pitchers and laughing with friends.
So our free Saturday ended up being a huge blessing

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