Pumpkins & Corn Mazes

I've never been to a pumpkin patch with a real corn maze- one you can't
 see over. So we went to one this past weekend. It was really fun!
(I feel like the picture above is for our moms, hehe)

More pictures and words after the jump...

Josh decided he wanted to be in the picture
My new clark's- not the best footwear choice but I got them clean again

It looks like I have a corn stalk mustache :)
We got lost in the corn maze. We weren't informed you are supposed to find the 6 numbers and punch your card. So we found 2 on accident and then had to go back. After that we found #2 four more times, never found 5, and skipped 6 because a child was unsuccessfully trying to punch it for 5 minutes and the mom didn's seem interested in helping. It was actually really fun and BIG! We got lost, muddy and played in the corn.

We had to abort on the hayride though because, well, it got stuck

Me surrounded by my favorite color. I was very happy. I'm very glad my hubs
 finds me endearing and not absolutely ridiculous :)
Seattle was sunny on our drive back!

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