A Sounders Kick off

My coworker Liz won some Sounder Soccer tickets from a raffle at our work & she was kind enough to bring us along. It was the season opener against the Sporting Kansas (What kind of mascot do these teams have) It was a crazy rainy day more like Midwest real rain than Seattle misting so we put on all our waterproof gear and I wore my hiking boots BUT the seats were under the awning! We lucked out!


It was 0-0 for the whole game until in the 3:00 minutes added injury time about 2:00 minutes in Sounders made a cross, headed it into the post, bodied it into another player, and then finally kicked it in (all the while the other teams goalie was on the ground tackled down by his own players) It was a little epic & an awesome first game of the season. Finished the afternoon off with pizza & some shuffleboard. We had an amazing time & kicked a rainy day's butt.

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