Coworker Night Out

This past weekend a bunch of my coworkers went out to celebrate a birthday. We hung out at a tiny dark bar on couches most of the night sipping the most delicious cocktails I've ever had. Then we got hungry  so we ventured out into the rain. We ended up a hotdog place where Joshua got one covered in peppers and cheese and I got one covered in mac & cheese! It was as crazy delicious as it sounded.
It was getting late so Joshua asked how long I wanted to stay out I decided in that moment that we wouldn't go home until daylight savings time kicked in (2am) I wanted to be out until the time changed, it seemed like something I had never done and wanted to check it off.

So after the hotdogs we all went next door to play shuffleboard & intense games of foosball. (I now know Joshua is pretty decent at foosball) We ended the night at 2am all closing down the bar. We honestly had a super great time and it was great to be out with people we don't normally get time to hang out with. Cheers to our friend's birthday & to making it out until daylight savings time :)


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