O Life

Eventually I'll get out my real camera and take good photos again, eventually I'll stop packing dried udon noodles for lunch, eventually I'll stop doing laundry only 1 every month and a half, eventually I'll sleep in - but lately that hasn't been our life. It has been busy and full and sometimes overwhelming. We haven't written down as much or snapped many photos but we have been enjoying and living in life a lot.

Sometimes I break down on a Sunday when I know everyday of the week is already full. So hubs writes it all down so we can see how it all really plays out and we talk through it until we feel okay about it. But wow I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm barely keeping up but they are all great things. So many birthdays and random stop overs and quick meet ups.

One of my favorites lately was our friends made and brought dinner over to our place + boxed wine. I mean I got to eat food someone else made with them at my own apartment. I thought that was such a fabulous gesture!

Life is flying fast right now but it's one of those ways that you fall asleep exhausted but joyful, hopefully we can keep up and hopefully we can bring that joy back to our friends.

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