A Dinner Soiree

These 4 people have let us take over their homes once a week for at least 2 years. They offer us their nice wine, when we don't have enough potluck food they quickly whip up food they had bought for dinners later that week, we track in our muddy shoes, overstuff their coat racks to the point of falling out of the wall, and leave huge piles of dishes. They don't complain or even make it seem like we're in any way a burden, instead they continually treat us like us coming and doing all this is a gift and a joy. Their warmth and giving hearts have made our small groups so amazing to be a part of. They host us all with a humility and grace that Joshua and I look up to. So we wanted to have them over for dinner- a dinner where they couldn't bring anything or help in any way. We just wanted them to get to feel hosted. I hope that we succeeded and at the very least Joshua and I had a wonderful time doing it all :)
We prepped all week and made cute leather bunting with their names stamped in
(I REALLY love dinner parties, really!) for place settings.
A menu breakdown:
started off with stone fruit rose sangria, cherry lemonade and homemade IPA's
nibbled on herb and parmesan pretzels with mustard and olives
(it was cute we all sat on the floor around the mustard and chatted)
then onto a beet and goat cheese terrine on a bed of mixed kale
onto the main course of balsamic glazed ribs with rosemary
finishing it off with cardamom and orange scented cake overflowing with fruit
We filled the rest of the evening with changing out records, guitar playing, funny hand gesture playing, and some nightcaps made by Joshua.
Nights like this leave your heart full for weeks
*I also used this word correctly, so fancy

noun: soirée

an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.

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