Hunter & Gatherer

Ok so not hunter, but I always feel so accomplished when I go pick my own berries and come home all loaded up. We biked out to Discovery park this past weekend and picked over a gallon of blackberries, and it was deeply satisfying.

The sunshine, quiet, and foraging for the best spot as deep inside the bushes as you can go without falling into a bundle of thorns, I love that feeling! We both came away with a fair number of battle wounds but that just means we worked to get the best ones, I think. Just one of those perfect ways to spend a lazy Saturday where you still feel totally accomplished.


Then the next day I made them into homemade pies, eek it just makes me giddy!

Then we finished off the night biking to a few breweries with some friends and soaking in all the fresh outside air we could handle. O and then we really finished it off by having a giant plate of poutine under cute twinkly lights!


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