Elrod's Mini Hiking Guide

Our very first Seattle hike, Mt Rainier.
It was to snowy to hike but we were too naïve
to know it would be snowy in June.
Also we're wearing jean - kids!

One of our most recent hikes that was 12 lovely miles up a mountain.
Outfitted like a true northwesterner and smart enough to bring hats.
We've come a long way :)

We've been asked a few times about good hikes for different occasions and while all our hikes are listed HERE I've made a little guide to help narrow down some choices:

lake twenty two

Close Hikes:
most of these hikes involve a decent amount elevation gain and therefore offer nice lookouts once you're there, you can even see Seattle from some of them. Since they're close though it also means they are crowded trails, get there early for closer parking.

+Less than an hour outside Seattle:
Rattlesnake Ledge - 4 miles/1,160 ft elevation gain
Wallace Falls - 5.6 miles/1,300 ft elevation gain
Mt. Si - 8 miles/3,150 ft elevation gain
Bandera Mountain - 8 miles/3,400 ft elevation gain

+Hour and twenty minutes outside Seattle:
Heather Lake - 4.6 miles/1,034 ft elevation gain
Lake Twenty Two - 5.4 miles/1,3500 ft elevation gain
Lake Serene - 7.2 miles/2,000 ft elevation gain
Mt Catherine - 3 miles/1,330 ft elevation gain
Otter Falls - 10 miles/650 ft elevation gain

bridal veil falls

Rainy Day Hikes:
these hikes include trails that have a nice pay off even though it may be rainy or they don't require high visibility to be able to enjoy what they have to offer. They shine with their waterfalls, mushroom hunting, old growth forests, and rivers instead

Evergreen Trail - 3 miles/250 ft elevation gain
Bridal Veil Falls - 4 miles/1,000 ft elevation gain
Wallace Falls - 5.6 miles/1,300 ft elevation gain
Sauk Trail - 6 miles/150 ft elevation gain
Lime Kiln Trail - 7 miles/625 ft elevation gain
Goat Lake - 10.4 miles/1,400 ft elevation gain
Hoh Rainforest/Deer Lake - 16 miles/3,450 ft elevation gain

sahale arm

Best Mountain Views:
These are our favorite mountain view hikes, we love em up close and with 360 views at the top and most of these fit all of those. They don't disappoint but they are usually a little farther away, longer, and more elevation gain- but also worth it!

Skyline Loop Trail/Mt. Rainier - 6 miles/1,400 elevation gain
Yellow Aster Butte - 7.5 miles/2,500 ft elevation gain
Chain Lakes - 8 miles/1,700 ft elevation gain
Hidden Lake - 8 miles/3,300 ft elevation gain
Skyline Divide - 9 miles/2,500 ft elevation gain
Hannegan's Peak - 10.4 miles/3,100 ft elevation gain
Marmot Pass - 10.6 miles/3,500 ft elevation gain
Sahale Arm - 12 miles/4,000 ft elevation gain

gothic basin

1 Day Backpacking Hikes:
These are all do-able in 1 night with plenty of time to explore all that's around it. Also very worth staying up there for a night and soaking in sunsets/rises and the views of the stars

Teanaway Ridge - 6 miles/1,900 ft elevation gain
Yellow Aster Butte - 7.5 miles/2,500 ft elevation gain
Baker Lake - 9 miles/500 ft elevation gain
Gothic Basin - 9 miles/2,840 ft elevation gain
Fourth of July Creek - 12 miles/4,370 ft elevation gain

mileage and elevation gain gathered from the WTA website (my favorite website ever!)

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