A very Cincy Christmas

We had a great trip home! We landed Christmas Eve morning and the first few days were a blur but it evened itself out. My madre hand made us all matching pj camping fleece pants. Which is impressive, mostly impressive the whole crew agreed to put them on! Hung out with lots of families and made Joshua festive with a handsome tinsel beard.

Agin family outing this year include ice skating. I have a feeling this will never be the Agin family outing again :) a few hard falls and few hurt feet but we gave it our best shot. I really really wanted to play fishbowl (mix of taboo, charades, and one word to guess what people wrote on slips of paper) and luckily it happened. They all started with the letter "p" and some were quite complex but we powered through.

Took a fun side trip to visit our friends that moved back to Grand Rapids, MI. They showed us all over town to cute breweries, walk along the water, duck nachos, euchre, darts, and even a little bit of snow all included. It's about a 5 hour drive so we also got in a lot of Harry Potter reading :)

For New Year's we all rallied at our friend's house and played a bunch of sequence, hammerschlagen, euchre and pandemic. They fried a bunch of food on the deck, made some questionable tasting mixed drinks and stayed out til 4am. Crushed it New Years! 

 On one of our last outings we had some Indian food with Josh's mom and wandered around our ol campus, UC. Wanted to see the new stadium addition and the take advantage of the fact that the sun was FINALLY out!
We also had a fun White Elephant party with Josh's high school friends, wandered around Findlay market with some others, had tons of Asian food and did a puzzle with friends, had a lot of brunches, dinner, lunches, climbing, shopping, and snuck in 1 nap. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed going home and bummed about all the things I couldn't fit in or people I didn't get a chance to see. That feeling is always quickly replaced with feeling so blessed that there are so many people in Cincinnati that we love and love us that we can't fit it all in. Very nice to no longer be sleeping on an air mattress but also it gets harder to leave every time.

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  1. Your mom is adorable. I love that she made you all matching pants!