Farmer's Market Fancy Feast

We had the honor of hosting a fancy meal for our friend's birthday this past weekend. Started it out by flipping through a fancy cookbook she got for Christmas followed with a rainy meandering through the farmer's market to get the goods.
We all spent the afternoon chopping, washing, sautéing- really all the cooking words. It all came together into a beautiful table full of color. Everyone smashed around our table made for 4 and our friend's son hung out on the floor playing with his socks. It was cozy and one of the best ways to spend a Sunday I can possibly think of.
It was fun to celebrate our friend's birthday by all creating something together.

Capped off the evening with some dark & stormies and a confusing game of Munchkin. We also had ice cream sandwiches with very tall candles questionably balanced on a plate, worked out.

I think this weekend may need to involve more physical activity because Saturday was also full of food. We had a few people over for brunch in which we consumed chorizo frittata, apple butter & biscuits, fruit, mimosas. Finally worked ourselves up into a walk which only lasted a few blocks. We got distracted by the idea of splitting a pitcher of sangria and eating mushroom toast. I'm pretty sure we just took a nap after that and later a few of us reconvened for some turkey chili and a rewatching of Star Wars.
Weekend full of friends and food- winter weekend champions!


  1. I'm definitely coming to Seattle to cook dinner with you two! :)