Biking in Boise

Our last day in Boise we hopped on our bikes to explore the city. Started off googling best donuts in Boise and grabbed 4 of those- Lavender wildberry, chocolate chili stout, cardamom orange, & espresso cream filled. Then we walked around their farmer's market and then the sun started to come out. We ended up biking quite a few miles because it was so beautiful out. There was even warm wind, there is never warm wind in Seattle.
 The bike path along the Boise river winds down both sides. There are tons of cute bridges that intersect the paths so we'd bike back and forth over them. Lots of parks created pit stops along the way, stopped to watch few people attempt surfing at a little dam, saw a weasel running around.

After that we popped into Payette Brewery and got little taster flights. We were the only people in there so we chatted a lot with the people working and even ran into a guy who had been to Rhinegeist in Cincy. Then we found another place that had great food- I had poutine & bacon popcorn for lunch.

That night we biked back into downtown to a pizza place to order a Mac & Cheese with jalapeno and bacon pizza!!! It was life changing, so so tasty. Joshua was very skeptical and by the end was a true fan. Wandering around after we heard music and stopped into the Pengilly Saloon. It was free to listen, cheap drinks, and a man dressed in a colonial outfit dancing to it upfront all by himself. Fabulous.

This is our fancy place we stayed in. The porch was the best spot.

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  1. Mac&cheese with jalapeno sounds so good!