Frank the Fir

We are on letter "F" so this year our stubborn tiny tree is named Frank. I don't acutally know if he's a fir at all but there's also no one to contest me on it, so oh well.

Frank came to us from the side of a hill in the Umatilla National Forest in Oregon. We acquired a $5 pass to cut him down and then pulled of on a random National Forest road. We found a group of overcrowded trees and decided Frank was the one for us.

Sadly we had no saw. All we could find was a garden spade. Therefore we had to attempt to hack Frank down with a garden spade and then whittle away at the remaining strands with Josh's knife. It was windy, cold, and took quite a long time. Eventually we had success and tossed Frank in the back of Richard underneath the bikes to prolong the torture we put him through a bit longer.

Now he is happy and glowing and capable of holing about 6 ornaments on his little thin branches.

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  1. This is awesome! I LOVE that you used a garden spade to cut him down!