Idaho Snow Hike

After our hot springs day we drove 3 hours outside of Boise to Stanley. The scenery was all snow draped mountains and isolation. We stopped at Redfish lake and then on to find a snowy hike. The first hike we wanted to try required some 4-wheel drivin up a snowy, bumpy mountain road. We only made it about half way before we decided Richard (the truck) was probably going to run into some possible problems. We turned around and headed for hike two- Fourth of July Lake.

This hike was about a few miles to a snowy lake. It was nice to be outside walking around all day. It wasn't a challenging hike but hiking in the snow is still quite exhausting. We ate leftover turkey on some sandwiches for lunch, ran Richard up some hills to catch views and enjoyed the overall isolation and quiet out in the fresh snow.

That night we biked into downtown Boise, had ourselves a fancy dinner & a drink and biked home.

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  1. Wow! I love the scenery. I really like the third picture of Josh with the trees and mountains behind him. The colors look so good together.