makin sushi

Our friends Liz & Daniel had us over on Monday to make sushi! Josh and I have never done this before. I must admit I was nervous, sushi making is something I have admired but never quite understood. But of course they were amazing teachers!

They had an amazing spread of veggies, smoked salmon, sauces, crab stuff and more! Plus they have the cutest dishes to put everything in which I swear somehow makes it better :)

The most interesting part was probably making the rice by waving a cardboard box at the rice while someone pours in sauce stuff while someone mixes it all in. It has something to do with the vinegar evaporating and what not. But we worked for our food! :) But the rice rolled up very nicely so something must have worked.


Overall we had a bunch of laughs, played some speed scrabble, ate so so much sushi, and finished it off with pink cake. It was really nice to start our week out doing something with friends, kind of gives you a good get-up-and-go attitude for the week!

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