the Ballet

For my birthday my mother-in-law got me tickets to the Seattle Ballet!
I've always loved ballet, my secret desire is to be a sweet ballerina (but the modern abstract kind not the tu tu kind)
I think it is really cool how the dancers can tell an abstract story that the audience can then interpret and I think it is just stunning!

This ballet was a story telling one, a very weird story about a man falling in love with a doll and it gets weirder from there. But the scenery was so elaborate and they all did a fantastic job. Joshua and I had a really great time. And no one was around us so we were talking and dancing in our seats with them the whole time because we knew we couldn't bother anyone. Which made it even more fun.

We dressed up, got pizza (we forgot to make reservations for the area and it was a Friday night haha oops) drank wine, acted like we were fancy and knew so much about ballet, and hopped the bus home.

It was a relaxing fun night and a really thoughful gift!


  1. oh my gosh you saw Copelia?! That's my favorite ballet

  2. Ah so fun! The second act where they are in his workshop is really awesome!